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The skinny on official, English-subbed Asian Films & TV
Half Passed Noon(a): English Subtitled Movies and Dramas Starring Your Favorite Korean Actresses 
BoF Peace
I've finally made enough headway on the Korean actress list to pop up the initial post! As with all my actor lists, the below is a perpetually growing resource (organized by actress) of officially licensed, English subtitled films and dramas available on DVD in R1 (unless indicated).

If you know of any dramas or movies I've missed or if there's an actress you think I should include, please drop me an email or leave a comment on this post.

Bae Doo Na

Air Doll, J-movie [Japanese Region 2]
Country Princess, K-drama
The Host, K-movie
Linda Linda Linda, J-movie
Someday, K-drama
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, K-movie

Gong Hyo Jin
Conduct Zero, K-movie
Guns and Talks, K-movie
Memento Mori, K-movie
My Son, K-movie
Ruler of Your Own World, K-drama
Thank You, K-drama

Ha Ji Won
Damo, K-drama
Ditto, K-movie
Haeundae (English title: Tidal Wave), K-movie (currently available for pre-order!)
Secret, K-drama
Sex is Zero, K-movie
What Happened In Bali, K-drama

Han Hye Jin
Be Strong Geum Soon, K-drama
Jumong (a.k.a. The Book of Three Han), K-drama
Romance, K-drama

Han Hyo Joo
Brilliant Legacy (a.k.a. Shining Inheritance), K-drama
Spring Waltz, K-drama

Jun Ji Hyun
Blood: The Last Vampire, English language movie
Happy Together, K-drama
Il Mare, K-movie
My Sassy Girl, K-movie [Korean Region 3]
White Valentine, K-movie

Jung Ryu Won
My Lovely Sam Soon, K-drama
What Star Did You Come From, K-drama

Kim Hee Sun
Forever Yours, K-drama
Sad Love Story, K-drama
Tomato, K-drama

Kim Hyun Joo
Boys Over Flowers, K-drama
Glass Slipper, K-drama

Kim So Eun
Boys Over Flowers, K-drama
Sad Love Story, K-drama

Kim So Yun
All About Eve, K-drama
Gourmet, K-drama
Seven Swords, C/HK-movie
Sunlight Upon Me, K-drama

Kim Sun Ah
City Hall, K-drama (soon to be available for pre-order)
My Lovely Sam Soon, K-drama
Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield, K-movie
Yesterday, K-movie

Koo Hye Sun
Boys Over Flowers, K-drama
The King and I, K-drama

Lee Da Hae
East of Eden, K-drama
My Girl, K-drama
Shoot for the Stars, K-drama

Moon Geun Young
My Little Bride, K-movie
Lover's Concerto, K-movie
A Tale of Two Sisters, K-movie

Name Sang Mi
Gourmet, K-drama
Time Between Dog and Wolf, K-drama
Spy Girl, K-movie
Speet Spy, K-drama

Park Shin Hye
Stairway to Heaven, K-drama
You're Beautiful, K-drama (currently available for pre-order)

Park Ye Jin
Four Sisters, K-drama
Memonto Mori - K-movie
Queen Seon Duk, K-drama
What Happened in Bali, K-drama

Seo Woo
My Son, K-movie
Paju, K-movie [Korean Region 3]
Tamra, Island (a.k.a. Tempted Again), K-drama (currently available for pre-order)

Song Hye Kyo
Full House, K-drama
Hotelier, K-drama

Song Ji Hyo
Goong (English title: Palace), K-drama
Jumong, K-drama
Frozen Flower, K-movie [Korean Region 3]

Queen Seon Duk, K-drama
You're Beautiful, K-drama

Yun Eun Hye
Coffee Prince, K-drama
Goong (English title: Palace), K-drama

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March, 16th 2010, 02:51 pm (UTC)
This is a great list!! =D
March, 17th 2010, 01:11 am (UTC)
Awww. Thank you!
March, 18th 2010, 02:55 am (UTC)
thank you.. ♥
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