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The skinny on official, English-subbed Asian Films & TV
The Oppa Factor: English Subtitled Movies and Dramas Starring Your Favorite Korean Actors 
Coffee Prince Shoulder Rest
Thankfully, there are a number of companies regularly releasing Korean films on R1 DVD, and at least one company is dedicated to bringing English speaking fans some of the hottest K-dramas on DVD format, as well. The below is a perpetually growing list (organized by actor) of officially licensed, English-subtitled films and dramas available on DVD in Region 1, along with a number in Region 3.

*For quick reference, titles in bold and underlined are available in Region 1.

If you know of any dramas or movies I've missed or if there's an actor you think I should include, please drop me an email or leave a comment on this post.

Cha Tae Hyun
Crazy First Love, K-movie
Eye For an Eye, K-movie
Happy Together, K-drama
Into the Sunlight, K-drama
Lovers' Concerto, K-movie
My Sassy Girl, K-movie [Korea Region 3]
Prince's First Love, K-drama

Cha Seung Won
City Hall, K-drama
Ghost House, K-movie [Hong Kong Region 3]
Jail Breakers, K-movie
Murder, Take One, K-movie [Hong Kong Region 3]
My Son, K-movie
Secret, K-movie [Korea Region 3]

Super Rookie, K-drama
Phoenix, K-drama

Gong Yoo
Coffee Prince, K-drama
One Fine Day, K-drama
Spy Girl, K-movie
Yakuza: Like a Dragon, J-movie

Daniel Henney
My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, K-drama
Spring Waltz, K-drama

Hyun Bin
My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, K-drama
The Snow Queen, K-drama

Jang Geun Suk
Beethoven Virus, K-drama
Lovers in Prague, K-drama
One Missed Call Final, J-movie
You're Beautiful, K-drama

Jang Hyuk
Into the Sunlight, K-drama
Jungle Juice, K-movie
Please Teach Me English, K-movie
Thank You, K-drama

Jo In Sung
A Frozen Flower, K-movie [Korea Region 3]
Something Happened in Bali, K-drama
Shoot for the Stars, K-drama
Spring Days, K-drama

Joo Ji Hoon
Goong aka Palace, K-drama
The Naked Kitchen [Korean Region 3]

Kang Dong Won
Country Princess, K-drama
Duelist, K-drama [Korea Region 3]
Jeon Woo Chi : The Taoist Wizard, K-movie [Korea Region 3]
M, K-move [Hong Kong Region All]
Magic, K-drama [Korea Region 3]
Romance of Their Own (a.k.a. Temptation of Wolves), K-movie [Korea Region 3, Taiwan Region 3]
Secret Reunion, K-movie [Korea Region 3]
Voice of a Murderer, K-movie

Kim Bum
Boys Before Flowers , K-drama
East of Eden, K-drama

Kim Min Joon
Damo, K-drama
Lovers in Prague, K-drama
Someday, K-drama

Kim Rae Won
What Planet Are You From, K-drama
Gourmet, K-drama
My Little Bride, K-movie
My Love Patzzi, K-drama
Tell Me You Love Me, K-drama

Lee Byung Hun
Addicted, K-movie
3 Extremes, K-, J-, HK-movie
G.I. Joe, English language film
Happy Together, K-drama
I Come With The Rain, English language film [Japan Region 2, Korea Region 3]
Joint Security Area, K-movie
My Beautiful Girl, Mari, K-animation

Lee Dong Wook
Arang, K-movie
My Girl, K-drama
The Perfect Couple, K-movie [Taiwan Region 3]

Lee Jun Ki
Fly, Daddy, Fly, K-movie [Malaysian Region 3]
Hotel Venus, J-movie [Japanese Region 2]
My Girl, K-drama
Time Between Dog and Wolf, K-drama
Virgin Snow, J-movie [Hong Kong Region 3]

Lee Min Ho
Boys Before Flowers, K-drama

Lee Min Ki
Be Strong Geum Soon, K-drama
Haeundae (a.k.a. Tidal Wave), K-movie
I Really, Really Like You, K-drama

Lee Seo Jin
Damo, K-drama
Freeze, K-drama
Phoenix, K-drama
Shadowless Sword, K-movie
Shoot for the Stars, K-drama
Yi San, K-drama

Lee Seung Ki
Brilliant Legacy aka Shining Inheritance, K-drama

Lee Seon Gyun
Coffee Prince, K-drama
My Mother, the Mermaid, K-movie [Korea Region 3]
Paju, K-movie [Korea Region 3]
Show Show Show, K-movie [Hong Kong Region All]
Visitors, K- J- F-movie [Korea Region 3]
White Tower, K-drama

Son Il Gook
All About Eve, K-drama
Into the Sunlight, K-drama
Jumong (a.k.a. The Book of Three Han), K-drama
Oasis (a.k.a. Desert Spring), K-drama

Song Kang Ho
The Host, K-movie
Joint Security Area, K-movie
Memories of Murder, K-movie
The Quiet Family, K-movie
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, K-movie
Thirst, K-movie

Won Bin
Guns and Talks, K-movie
Mother, K-movie
My Brother, K-movie [Japan Region 2; Hong Kong Region 3]
Tae Guk Gi, K-movie

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March, 31st 2010, 05:28 pm (UTC)
hey could you please ad kang dong won and lee dong wook to the list I really love their dramas and films. ^_^ thank you
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