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Packaging Spotlight 041: Secret Garden 
Secret Garden Oska Oppa
I've made it no secret that Ha Ji-won is one of the celebrities I rabidly follow, and I make it a point to watch everything she's in. Next to Damo, Secret Garden is my favorite of all her projects. It takes a typical K-drama romance trope (rich boy/poor girl) and gives it a whole lot of extra zing with some marvelously silly fantasy elements (and a fabulous performance from Yoon Sang-hyun as aging idol Oska).

YA Entertainment's U.S. Region 1 DVD box set includes the full 20-episode series, plus 62 minutes of extras for $59.99 SRP.

Secret Garden
More photos ahead...

I seriously want a blue sequins hoodie - it doesn't even need to be hand sewn by an Italian artisan.

Back of the Box:
Winner of Best Drama at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, fantasy romance Secret Garden is the hottest Korean TV drama series of 2011. The topsy-turvy love story turns the modern fairytale romance on its head with hilariously eccentric characters, body swapping, and an emotional roller coaster that will have you laughing and crying the whole way through.

Gil Ra-im (Ha Ji-won ♥, Damo) is a tough and disciplined stuntwoman with a soft heart. Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin, My Lovely Sam-soon) is a nitpicky CEO with a long list of complexes. Lovestruck from the moment he meets her, Joo-won barges into Ra-im's life in all the wrong ways, trying to make sense of his illogical feelings. The more they fight, the more attracted they are to each other, but there's no Cinderella ending in sight for this feuding couple. Ra-im and Joo-won's differences seem irreconcilable until they wake up one morning in each other's bodies!

Special Features:

U.S. Region 1, NTSC
YA Entertainment
$59.99 SRP
20 hours, plus 62 minutes for special features
16:9, anamorphic widescreen
Korean audio
English subtitles

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May, 15th 2012, 03:39 am (UTC)
I bought this set long ago but had it shipped to my house in America. It's nice to finally see what it looks like! Thanks for sharing.
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