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Packaging Spotlight 038: The Message 
April, 17th 2012, 08:48 am Packaging Spotlight 038: The Message
Jin Duo Sky
I've been in a Zhou Xun mood ever since I did the spotlight for FUNimation's recent release of Confucius, so this weekend, I took a little time to rewatch one of my favorite of her movies - The Message, which also stars Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Hanyu and Alec Su.

The Message is a 2009 Chinese mystery thriller that takes place in 1940s Japanese-controlled Nanking, where a group of citizens suspected of taking part in an assassination attempt are essentially held hostage on a large estate to suss out the guilty party. It has a really great Agatha Christie And Then There Were None vibe, so if you enjoy movies that constantly keep you guessing with intricate twists and turns, The Message is definitely for you.

The film was released in the U.S. on an All Region DVD from Tai Seng in 2010 and features simple (but very nice) packaging and a number of special features ("Making Of," music video, trailers, photo gallery). Unfortunately, the extras are not English subbed, but the music video, trailers and photo gallery are still enjoyable, even if you're unable to follow the behind-the-scenes clip.

The Message
More photos ahead...

Back of the box:
April 26, 1940, former Nationalist vice president Wang Jingwei made peace with Japan and set up a Japan-supported regime during World War II, a puppet government.
October 10, during an anniversary ceremony of the government, a Wang government high official was assassinated. Taketa, chief intelligence officer of the Japanese Imperial Army, believed that it was an action of an underground anti-Japan group, "Old Gun."

Special Features:
"Making Of" featurette (no English subs)
Original Trailer
Music Video
Photo Gallery

U.S. Region All, NTSC
Tai Seng
$19.95 SRP
118 minutes
16:9, anamorphic widescreen
Mandarin audio, Cantonese audio
English subtitles, traditional Chinese subtitles, simplified Chinese subtitles


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